A Kingdom that doesn’t exist

This story starts when the war between the sorceresses and humans ended with the defeat of the formers and their withdrawal to the country of imagination behind the Moon Mountains. Rozcar, the son of the king of sorceresses, plans to avenge by killing the Sultan of the Country of Reason after marrying his youngest daughter. However, things take a different turn when Rozcar falls in love with the Sultan’s daughter. Will love succeed in spreading peace between the humans; and sorceresses’ kingdoms? or will the fire of hatred blind Rozcar and urges him to revenge?

Illustrator Fadi Fadel
Author Ahmet Umit
Publishing Year 2022
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group Young Adults
Publishing House Kalimat
Translator Omeir El Ahmar
ISBN 978-9948-46807-3
40.00 AED
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