A Side Entrance to the House

This book is a wondrous blend of Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space, Ibrahim Aslan's A Household Sequence, and Georges Perec's Species of Spaces. Amal Alsaeedi does not take us to many places, instead, she takes us to her inner self and its positioning within “Al Maskan” (home) with its latent and less remarkable details, from “A Portrait of A Toothbrush” and “The Sleeping Pills Splitter” to “I Will Kill My Father”, and “In the Field, I am the Absence of the Field”, she writes in a new and unique narrative that is not too far from poetry and does not overly take the shape of storytelling.

Author Amal Alsaeedi
Publishing Year 2021
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group Fiction & Non Fiction
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-25887-2
50.00 AED
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