A Trip Like No Other

Marwa just got back from Umrah with her family and narrates the details of her trip in this story. She describes Mecca and the rituals she performed with her parents there. After doing the Ihram, they pray in The Grand Mosque, then proceed to Tawaf around the Kaaba, then perform the Saii, and finally walk up Jabal al-Nour to visit the Cave of Hira. To her, this was the best trip she’s ever had. A Trip Like No Other introduces the basics of Umrah to children by providing visuals that help illustrate the context of the places and the procedures of performing the rituals.
Illustrator Hatem Fathy Aly
Publishing Year 2011
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-16-071-7-hc
28.00 AED
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