Kalimat Group

Kalimat launched in 2007, as a publishing house for children's books. Over the years, it expanded into Kalimat Group, a mother company that holds 4 imprints under its umbrella, since 2017.
Horouf was the first imprint that launched after Kalimat, dedicated to encouraging early education in Arabic, and improving the level of the Arabic literacy among children. Then came Rewayat, the imprint that publishes translated and Arabic literary works, for adults. Following a strategic partnership with the international Quarto Group, Kalimat Quatro was established, to publish and distribute the publications of the imprints affiliated with Quarto, in Arabic. In 2017, Comics was born to make the ever-entertaining form of illustrative storytelling available in the Arabic language.

Kalimat Group in numbers
Since its establishment, Kalimat Group has extended its distribution to more than15 countries, and published more than 500 books, many of which have received Arab and international awards. The group has released over 120 books written by some of the most acclaimed writers, in the Arab world and internationally. More than 50 of its original publications have been translated from Arabic to other languages.

Kalimat is the firstling of Kalimat Group, specialized in publishing Arabic books for children and the youth.
Kalimat offers a large number of books aimed at educating Arab children about the Arab and international culture and their modern challenges, in collaboration with award winning writers and illustrators from all over the world. Kalimat has published more than 300 books for children and young adults, many of which were translated to different languages, and received awards in the Arab region, and internationally. The publishing house won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for best publisher in 2017. It also won the Best Publisher Award for Asia in the international Bologna Children's Book Fair, in 2016. It was nominated for the same award in 2013 and 2014. Kalimat made it to the final nominations for excellence in the publishing industry, at the London Book Fair in 2014. It also won the Arab 21 Award from the Arab Thought Foundation in 2012, and two Arab 21 awards in their third edition in 2015.

Rewayat is dedicated to publishing translated and Arabic literary works, using the most innovative and diverse publishing means internationally.
We also aim to provide a professional platform for narrative talents in the Arab world.
Rewayat is committed to providing all possible means to serve our books and present them to their audience, in their best version; from choosing the right title, to editing and production, to finally making them available to readers in various bookstores and local and international book fairs.

Horouf aims to encourage and enable early education in the Arabic language. It focuses on improving the level of Arabic literacy among children, in an engaging and innovative way.
Horouf publications are designed to meet the needs of every child, by encouraging him or her to develop their physical, mental, and sensory skills, and giving them the freedom to move, search, and discover. Horouf’s motto is "learning is fun", and we implement this credo by building a balanced relationship between the children and their environment, their teachers, and their society. Horouf publications are known to be comprehensive and diverse, addressing several age groups interactively. They are available in print and on the Horouf application.

Kalimat Quatro was launched from a strategic partnership with the international Quatro Group.
It specializes in publishing and distributing the publications of the imprints affiliated with Quatro, in Arabic. We started with cooking books; a new addition to the group’s publication that helped further diversify our offering. As part of this joint venture, various new publications are set be issued in the coming months, to enrich the Arabic library.

Comics is the group’s most recent imprint, aimed to offer the art of comics to the Arabic reader; from illustrated novels, to manga, and other works.
Comics supports innovative Arab artists who are interested in the world of comics, and provides them with a credible platform to publish their work. It also offers them and the readers the chance to read acclaimed comic works from all around the world, by having them translated to Arabic.