Adorable Ahmad

Ahmad and Mariam are twins who never get along in playtime. Ahmad loves his electronic games and Mariam plays with her doll and tea set. Their parents go on a trip and drop them off to their grandma’s place. Ahmad realizes that he has forgotten his game at home and that he’ll get really bored. Grandma tells them how back in her time, they used to make their own games and all play together in big groups. She then sings a lullaby for them to sleep. That night, Ahmad has a dream in which he and his sister meet their grandma as a young girl in the old days. Adorable Ahmad is a pure traditional story presenting the songs from the heart of the UAE through words and an audio CD.
Illustrator Maya Fidawi
Author Marwa Al Aqroubi
Publishing Year 2010
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6 to 9
Publishing House Kalimat
100.00 AED
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