Al Shanfaranis Daughter

After the death of Al-Shanfarani, who was placed in a corner of his mosque with green flags and holy Thuluth writings to bless him, his daughter, Raneem, made a decision. She entered her father’s realms and simple village-life, and read the manuscript he spent years writing. This muddles her view of the world and various uncanny dreams cross her mind with her eyes wide open sometimes. Her strange dreams float in gloomy underground markets that look like they belong to the dead. In those street alleys, she meets Al-Shanfarani. What does her father say to her through his manuscripts and the underworld? The son of the martyr, Al-Shanfarani, is an orphan who runs away from his village after his uncle steals his money. He joins the Khasrawiya school in Aleppo, Syria, then runs away after a disagreement with one of the sheikhs, to eventually settle in India and Sindh in pursuit of wisdom. Why did he return?
Publishing Year 2017
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-02-689-1
40.00 AED
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