Articles by Martin Laksman

Martin Laksman

Illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as graphic designer, where he now teachs illustration.For over a decade, he's been working as both illustrator and graphic designer for the local market and abroad for a wide range of clients, that includes Popular Mechanics, Wired, Car & Driver, Fast Co., Fox, Disney, ESPN, Shado, Gawker Media, etc.Influenced in popular culture: music, movies, art and series fuels his every day work with a strong passion for simplicity.Teaching2011- present. FADU-UBA. Associate professor at Illustration, Roldán. Graphic Design Career. website2011- present. Espacio Virgen. Palermo. website2016- present. UNSAM. Ilustración y Procesos Digitales wiith Florencia Capella. website.Lectures & Workshops:2017- Festival Sudestada, part of collective exhibit. Recoleta exhibition center. Buenos aires, Argentina..2016- BKF Graphic, Intervention. Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad Católica de Córdoba.- Cuidá las lolas, Exhibition. Palermo, Bs. As..2015- Where is Esther Píscore? tribute to Les Luthiers. .2014- Festival Ciudad Emergente, Recoleta exhibition center. Buenos aires, Argentina.- Workshop and Lecture at the Museo of Modern Art. Salta, Argentina. Organized by RDCS.2013- Participation at the exhibition organized by Ilustradores Argentinos at Trimarchi.- Interview for the website Muy Rico Todo. Argentina.- Exhibition, Paperfest. Buenos Aires, Argentina..2012- Workshop: Fabrica De Personajes. Pre-trimarchi, CMD, Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Lecture + Workshop. Ciclo Ilustra at Fesc, Cúcuta, Colombia.- Lecture. Cátedra Roldán, Que Significa Ilustrar. Trimarchi, Mar Del Plata, Argentina.- Paperfest 2012. Espacio Cabrera, Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Puzzle Street Art. Event organization, Espacio Cabrera- Urkin, Exhibition. Espacio Cabrera..2011- Lecture. Esos Raros Diseños Nuevos - UP- Instalation. Pictoplasma's Missing Link Research Project, Paris, France.- Inspiration Fest. Exhibit: Pequeño Mundo De Personajes- Paperfest 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina..2010- Lecture + Workshop. Taller De Ilustracion - UP, Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Lecture: Experiencia: Diseño. Alongside Pablo Bernasconi Y Norberto Chaves- Lecture: Diseño Con Cafe. Alongside Lucas Varela Y Patricio Oliver.