Articles by Nahla Ghandour

Nahla Ghandour

Born in Beirut 1957, of Palestinian- Lebanese origins. Director of the Habilitation Preschool of Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation in Mar Elias Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon. Year 2008, published the first book “Kaleidoscope”; critical essays about the socio-economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and others about People with Special Needs. Year 2010, published the first children’s book “Heya Humma Hunna”, which was awarded Anna Lindt award in children’s literature in the Arab Word. In 2012, published the novel “The Visit”. Year 2016, published four children’s stories with two different publishing houses; “The Ogre” with Tamer publishing House and “My Friend Vanished”, Silence” and “Cotton Cloud” with Kalimat publishing House. Interested in children’s Literature in subjects relating to being different in the hope that the coming generations will have a wider scope of accepting differences which leads to the beautiful diversity and enrichment of our world.