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Shaikha Al zeyara

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Literature at Qatar University with a degree in Information & Library Sciences in 2004. I am a mother of four kids and work as a student affairs coordinator at an elementary school. Previously, I worked at the Education Resources Centre. Her writings include several children books and articles about promoting reading among children. In addition, she did several workshops on reading and writing. I wrote several children' stories and articles about reading, all of which were published. I also organized several children's workshops on reading, writing, and creative writing. Through my work with children, I earned a deep knowledge of a child’s needs related to reading and writing. I worked on creating several tailored programs aimed at instilling children with reading as a lifelong habit. I also edit an educational magazine for children published by the school where I work. In creative writing, I have published ten stories so far and several scripts for children's plays. They are as follows: Rosa is Condifent -- Al Sharq Publishers -- Qatar 2011 Princess Amina -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon -- 2012 I Want to Be Mama -- Dar Asala -- 2013 Warning Bell -- Dar Al Sharq -- Qatar -- 2014 Daghful -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon -- 2014 Stranger -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon -- 2014 What is in The Sand -- Qatar Museums Authority -- Academia -- Dubai 2014 -- in both Arabic and English Library in Colors -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon -- 2015 My Brother Bothers Me -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon -- 2016 Some Day -- Kalimat -- Sharjah -- 2017 Omar Smiled -- Dar Asala -- Lebanon (in print) Sultan of the Sea -- Hamad Bin Khalifah Publishing House -- (in print)