When a master loves his servant, echoes of old recurring stories of this kind resonate in our minds. A story filled with dilemmas in its details. However, is it possible to change the stereotypical image of the feudal man? Is it possible for him to be a gentleman in a time of darkness and deteriorating morality? Or did Salim become that stereotypical man once Maha stole his heart? Lots of circles twirl the psyches of the main characters of the story. From circles of fear, to love, good and bad. As a basic rule in every revolution, the novel poses a statement: “People often forget the beginnings of things and remember the outcomes only.” Is a man’s fate to become a hero considered a foolish matter or a smart outcome? Questions and contradictions exist and fill the place, are there any proposed answers or are there just circles?
Author Ruba Al Dareh
Publishing Year 2016
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-18-416-4
45.00 AED
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