Eqaa' Altahawul

"Narrative treatment does not necessarily respond to and reflect life events directly. A distancing occurs where the narrative moves to the realm of the unreal and fiction, where it replaces reality and overrides familiarity. It does not do so to negate the real but to allow the space to push it outside the common and the ‘now’ as well as to captivate the human, in his energy of existence and its finite meaning… Abdullah Alsafar, author and critic, continues in his book Eeqaa Altahawol wa Qamar Al Ertiyab his relentless pursuit of Arabic literary content of novels, novellas, and poetry, offering a panoramic view that captures the beautiful and raw which has been barely published. Abdullah Alsafar's archive has become an indispensable reference for every reader and scholar of the literary scene in the Gulf and the Arab world."
Publishing Year 2020
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publishing House Rewayat
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