Gom Al Dussais

In the Hmaidan neighborhood, the family of Dussais lived in the dark, and no one from the families ever saw any of them. No one knew that the family was protecting the others from them since once they are exposed to sunlight, their appearance changes and becomes horrifying. Elyaza, the youngest daughter in the family, loves to go to school and learn. Her father did not accept that so she sneaks out of the house and follows a group of girls to class. There, she gets exposed to direct sunlight, her appearance transforms and everyone is terrified of her. Nevertheless, that does not get in her way of forming a beautiful friendship with Maitha.
Illustrator Sarah Taibah
Publishing Year 2018
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-10-354-7
50.00 AED
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