Grandpa's Donkey

Grandpa has a very special donkey called Sadoon on his farm. Sadoon was the first animal he brought to the farm and the most who has helped him out when he was younger and stronger. Sadoon is old now and spends his time resting, braying and singing. One day, the animals on the farm tell Sadoon off and demand that he stops his annoying singing. They later realize that when the singing stops grandpa doesn’t show up for the animals’ feeding time any longer. Grandpa’s Donkey points to the importance of each individual in a society and how the members should appreciate and value one another by emphasizing the values of loyalty and gratitude.
Cover Type Hard Cover
Illustrator Hassan Zahreddine
Author Fatima Sharafeddine
Publishing Year 2010
Age Group 6 to 9
Publishing House Kalimat
60.00 AED