Horse Fur

A new, revised, and improved version of the novel ""Horse Fur"" which won the prize at the first Al Bajrawiya Festival during Khartoum, Arab Cultural Capital, 2005. In Horse Fur, the narrator speaks of his own existence as if it was the existence in general since he was unseen, then an idea, then a sperm, and then a fetus, and during all those stages he possesses the ability to see the different times as if it were just a prolonged period of time. The novel is narrated by the intelligent fetus, as a biography of humanity, in which he recalls the story of his early ancestors as if it were his own story, turning to events in history in which human societies intersect with the Libyan society that he is born into.
Publishing Year 2021
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-34-777-4
50.00 AED
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