Humans of the Gulf

Modern cultural lectures on vital and critical cultural issues. These issues may seem apart externally, but they are intertwined internally in their depth and essence. Talking about vitrinas (window displays) might be considered an intellectual conversation in the space of the aesthetic argument, as well as the war on terrorism, as one of the main headlines of the current moment, inseparable from the image discourse and the media deception, similarly, the case of the approximation of media and its relationship with the literary language, and its apparent predominance in the absence of mediatization. It is from here that a topic such as football and the relationship of intellectuals to it is raised, as a global phenomenon in which the aesthetic and the intellectual overlap, as part of the participation of the brightest literary minds with its obligations. The polarity of the Gulf’s intellectual between the culture of apparent and the obscure, is a critical topic, given the major changes in the region. It springs from the same argument that the prose poem requires embedding in the Arab aesthetic consciousness.

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