Khattaf Raffay

Khattaf Raffay is a type of djinn. Ever since childhood, he dreams of becoming a sailor. In the daytime, Khattaf looks like a human but transforms into his djinn form at night possessing very strong powers. He joins a crew of sailors and travels with them on a long cruise. The sailors discover his truth and force him to leave the boat; he resorts to an abandoned boat. While trying to save the crew from drowning due to a storm, Khattaf Raffay is accused of sinking the boat and the crew. News travels fast with a rumor that he is a wicked villain who lives in the sea and drowns boats. One day, Khattaf Raffay rescues a sailor called Khalfan and his crew and everyone since that incident believes that he is innocent.
Illustrator Sarah Taibah
Author Dubai Abulhoul
Publishing Year 2018
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6 to 9
Publishing House Kalimat
Translator Samar Mahfouz Barraj
50.00 AED
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