Maybe you won't look like a stranger after this

The first of these letters was in 2016. Some of the people who received this letter of mine joined the circle afterward, and some of them are friends of life and experiences that I have known for many years. From the first letter I sent to strangers whom I do not know, the stories have spread beyond. Some exchanged letters, news, and complaints with me, and I exchanged listening to what they wanted, how they wanted. We exchange roles and days. I am fully aware that what one often wants is a mere ear that listens to him. Since the first letter, I have been speaking to you, considering only your humanity, not your gender or nationality. A human; is linguistically a masculine word.

Author Fahad Altassan
Publishing Year 2021
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group Fiction & Non Fiction
Publishing House Rewayat
55.00 AED
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