Milan Condera

The great author and translator Ameen Saleh presents a comprehensive work on Milan Kundera in "Milan Kundera and The World In His Eyes As A Trap". He takes us with him in extensive readings of Kundera's biography, works, and opinions, to his articles and the most important interviews with him. Kundera is one of Europe's most important and famous contemporary writers, and one of the few who has attained wide international recognition and became a global literary icon. In the eighties of the last century, he has put the Eastern European literature on the world's literary map through his new and bold writings and his call for inner freedom. In his country, he is regarded as an important writer and thinker, and is considered one of those who have the most influence on contemporary Czech novelists and other writers in the world. Each book he's published was deemed a monumental cultural event, and all his contributions to cultural and political conversations have provoked a lot of interest, debate, and lively discussions.

Author Ameen Saleh
Publishing Year 2022
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-46-855-4
70.00 AED
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