One More Mountain

Parvana lives in a large house far from the capital, Kabul, with her husband Asif, her son Rafi, and her younger sister Maryam. In her home, Parvana provides housing, food, and education for a group of underage girls who have taken refuge in her to escape their parents who wanted to force them to marry. Ravi dreams of becoming a famous ballet dancer. As for her sister, Maryam, she also dreams of becoming a famous singer. Asif takes Maryam and Rafi to the airport in order for them to travel to the United States of America to fulfill their dream there. Before reaching the airport, a massive explosion occurs and Assef is killed. Ravi faces many difficulties on his way back, but Parvana's friends succeed in reaching his place and returning him to his mother, who is determined to continue her journey and extend a helping hand to everyone who needs it, despite the harsh circumstances.
Illustrator Daniele Fabbri
Author Deborah Ellis
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group Young Adults
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-79-768-5
50.00 AED
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