"Patria" depicts the whirlwind of violence that shook the Basque society in particular and the Spanish society in general after the death of President Franco in 1975. It continues after the final ceasefire announcement by ETA, the separatist organization, in October 2011. The novel follows the fate of the relationship between two families: Txato's family and Joxian's family. That period was accompanied by the emerging form of harsh repression in which whoever dares to deviate from complying with the organization's vision and its way of reaching its goals, is soon subjected to all kinds of harassment and persecution, the least of which is defamation on the walls, and the extreme of it is assassination or bombing by merciless and heartless youth. As is the case with the son of one of the two families, so they kill any person, whoever he is, regardless of his kindness and the friendly and loving relationship that binds him to the killer.

Author Fernandu Aramburu
Publishing Year 2022
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publishing House Rewayat
Translator Rifaat Atfa
100.00 AED
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