Qaf Qatel Seen Saeed

"Police broke into Om Ghuraib’s house and turned it inside out. They found cigarette packs, fighting sticks, tea making equipment, what remained of Walid Abu Samra’s broken Oudh and other things that were at home before his family abandoned it during the invasion. Among the things they found was a big shoe lying in the outside area of the house. Once it had been identified by the friends when it was showed to them at the police station during the investigation, it was known to be Jungar’s shoe. Detective Majid finds a big mystery in the case of Saeed Jungar’s murder because of his mundane lifestyle. The detective reopens a case that has been shut for long years and starts to unbury a past that was closed and moved on from by consensus. The narrative takes us between the 90’s and the present day, between reality and fiction, and changes many forms presenting the reader with surprising events. "
Author Abdullah Albusais
Publishing Year 2020
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publishing House Rewayat
60.00 AED