Maha, “the female, the idea, the novel”, was unable to be demystified. Lovers and writers took her to what they desired and not where she wanted to go. She remained to be stubborn and believed that God alone could write her story since He is the only one who could bring us back to our original form. She was lost to delusion, bewilderment and that’s exactly what she’ll do to her readers. Those who will travel through the pages from disorientation to pain and shock to what seems to be a rainy season at the end. Then, from her abandoned home, the home of her lover, she ascends to the heavens, leaving behind heavy questions overwhelming the hearts of men—writers who were unable to write her in any way.
Author Radiah Al Shahaibi
Publishing Year 2016
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
40.00 AED
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