Sky Nail

Ancient manuscripts holding nothing but murder and sex between its folds. How and why do dictators use them in this day and age? “An old and wide nation, with its feet stuck in its history mud, and with time, the stubborn stuck mud dries.” The story tells us that Selmo might be able to get rid of the illusion of schizophrenia that was added to his file and get out of prison. Selmo, the lawyer/judge, whose imprisonment was similar to the son of Jacob’s –10 undeserved years. The philosopher in the story reveals the secret: a coma is a shining moment for man! “Since the beginning of time and we go around the mill, around and around, without any flour Selmo!” The sky nail holds everything, so don’t you hand your halter to anyone ever Selmo, and neither should you…
Publishing Year 2016
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
50.00 AED
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