Sky Painter

Look at the sky, do you see who makes the clouds? He fills the sky with puffy white clouds. Do you see the Star Lady? As soon as night begins to fall, she hangs her stars in the sky, one after the other. The Sky Painter is also there, his task is to change the sky’s colour from the bright blue to the dark night. But at times, the Sky Painter feels lonely because he believes no one sees him in the dark at night. One day, an idea comes to him – a great idea! But was it really a great one indeed?
This is a fictional story that taps on the idea that we all play a role in our lives. For those who even live in the dark and believe that they are not visible, have a crucial role and are unaware that darkness is as important as light.

Illustrator Ceyhun Şen
Publishing Year 2023
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
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