Star Shine

Those are creatures that do not resemble humans in any way. They are obedient and carry out orders without feeling bored or tired. Humans found them and felt that life would be much more beautiful and much easier with them. The creatures gave the humans room to rest and not work very much, until they almost lost very important things due to tracking the shining stars.

Children interact with the virtual world on an ongoing basis, which makes them feel that anything can be achieved using devices and technology. The world of technology and artificial intelligence is inevitably taking over. They are tempted by that world which makes them feel it is unnecessary to work or make extra effort. It serves them and allows them to achieve a lot of things they desire. Above all, it also obeys and strives to serve them without getting fatigued since it is made for them. Unfortunately, on the other hand, it also hinders them from experiencing the beauty of their senses and creating memories with their families, friends and forming deeper connections with the world.

Illustrator Hector Borlasca
Publishing Year 2023
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-80-713-1
45.00 AED
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