Sunflower is not a flower. He is a blind young child who lives in an overlooked place on a forgotten street where the sun rarely visits. Others used to call him homeless; I named him Sunflower. He lives the dream of following the light which leads him to fulfil his old neighbour’s dream as well as his and many others’. It is a family time story about determination and abandoned people. It is a story about the act of giving that springs from within the soul. It makes us aware of man wherever he is, no matter how poor and sad he might be. Every human is a dream state that pursues light. Sun-like dreams that sparkle the most are the ones that shine on all, acknowledge, and sense the dreams of others.
Illustrator Fadi Fadel
Author Amal Naser
Publishing Year 2021
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 9+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN  ‬978-9948-34-802-3
40.00 AED
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