The Arts of Slow Cinema

It happened after I watched the movie "Goodbye, Dragon Inn" by Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang. The strange, different, fascinating, and captivating movie made me keen to see Tsai's other movies. I then realized that I was witnessing a unique creative director with his own vision and unique aesthetics. I wanted to know, through reading, more about his character and his worlds, about his works and thoughts, to enrich my knowledge of him.

Through my Internet search, I came across a blog titled The Arts of Slow Cinema, managed by the German researcher Nadin Mai (born in 1988). On this site, I found rich and insightful material, not only about Tsai Ming Liang, but also about slow cinema and its directors. Through this site, I have learned a lot of information, ideas, concepts, both new and serious, regarding slow cinema.

I wanted to transfer, through translation, this knowledge to the Arab readers who are interested in cinema, so that they too could learn about other important and influential aspects of the cinematic act. For this purpose, I have selected certain articles and interviews with directors, which I believe shed light on and clarify essential aspects of the school of Slow Cinema that are worthy of study and reflection.
Ameen Saleh

Author Nadin Mai
Publishing Year 2022
Cover Type Hard Cover
Translator Ameen Saleh
ISBN 978-9948-46-851-6
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