The Desert Wolf 2 - And The Black Pearl

An old story slipping away from our grandfather’s tales, some arriving from the land of Sindbad, others journeying through deserts and wastelands to prove the heroism of a warrior and his father Shidad, and following the warrior Desert Wolf. Was Alexander the Great a good man? One of many questions posed by this exotic tale! The story unfolds to shock us with the singer Ziryab, the man of the melodious voice, and it makes the reader wonder how true it is that he was a spy for one of the kings in order to get some money. Remarkable adventures in this mysterious story which will only unfold to those who delve into its pages.
Illustrator Fadi Fadel
Author Dennis Johnson Davis
Publishing Year 2015
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Kalimat
Translator Dr. Musa Al-Halool
35.00 AED