The Desert Wolf 4 - And The Blind Beggars

A new chapter of a desert tale telling us that when the son of the ruler reads, things will be different! And when he humbles down, justice and love will spread, for he is the educated prince, the unbeatable bowman. And here is the minister Magro, still trying to ascend the throne of the Kingdom of Towers. How did he end up being a beekeeper!? A story of the nomadic and civilian combined, represented in Shidad, the son of the desert and his daughter Bushra who studies at a boarding school in the city and speaks more than one language. Perhaps what distinguishes this story is the intelligence of king Mansour, who outsmarts the predictions of his readers.
Cover Type Paperback
Translator Dr. Musa Al-Halool
Illustrator Fadi Fadel
Author Dennis Johnson Davis
Publishing Year 2015
Publishing House Kalimat
35.00 AED