The Dream Vendor

The balloon vendor and his father sell their colorful balloons in the marketplace. The father gives his son a daily fare which he keeps in an old sock. The boy draws his dreams on a large canvas and draws a big drawing of a wheelchair in the middle of the canvas. When the peg-top vendor starts to sell his colorful peg-tops next to the balloon vendor, the children start buying fewer balloons, which decreases the boy’s daily fare. He starts to erase a dream after the other on his painting until nothing else is left except the wheelchair. His mother tells him a fairytale about a dream vendor which inspires him to write a banner in the street that reads: Wait for the Dream Vendor. This makes the children curious to meet and see who that is. They stand around him surprised to see the deflated balloons. Whenever a child approaches him, the vendor would ask what his dream is and would draw it on a balloon. He would then inflate the balloon for the dream to grow bigger. The boy succeeds in selling all his balloons and receives a good amount of money for that. He replaces his old sock with his father’s sock since he needs more space for his money. He uses his money to buy the wheelchair for his mother and the story closes with ‘his mother saying: Thank you my dream vendor. The story taps on a sensitive moral encouraging perseverance and the saving and shifting of monetary values to emotional and rewarding ones by achieving valuable dreams.
Illustrator Agata Wojakowska
Author Mohanned Alakouse
Publishing Year 2015
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6 to 9
Publishing House Kalimat
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