The Gold Skull

Assem’s beloved grandfather passes away and asks his family not to enter his room until one year has passed. One day, Assem tries to enter the room and is struck by the voice of his grandfather telling him that a year hasn’t passed yet. He leaves but decides to return some other time and loses his way to get lost in a forest where he hears his grandpa’s voice again. Salma, Assem’s sister, has a nervous breakdown imagining that she has seen Assem after the long months of his missing. She gets an urge to check grandpa’s room remembering how Assem wanted to do that but her breakdown puts her to sleep and to waking up in the morning with no recollection of what happened the night before. In the forest Assem is rescued by an old woman who catches him falling from a tree. She calls herself the Master of the Forest and invites him for a meal at her place. She suddenly transforms into a beautiful young woman who tells him that in order to help him get back home, she has certain requests. Assem has to get the gold skull from the wooden chest box in grandpa’s room. She explains that by doing so he’ll be able to get the treasure from an island and walk away as a free rich boy. Assem hears his grandpa’s voice again telling him not to choose wrongly between wealth and wisdom. The witch holds Assem captive and he manages to escape while she’s asleep. When she wakes up she is able to see where he is using her magic. She promises to punish him. She turns him into a ball during the day and makes him invisible during the night. He must get the gold skull.
Illustrator Tarek Kamal
Author Nabil Salem
Publishing Year 2013
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group 9+
Publishing House Kalimat
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