The Grownups Mystery

Zein can’t sleep because of a question on his mind. He wants to understand what grownups do when children go to bed. He leads an investigation with his siblings and executes various search plans to solve this mystery. What they believe grownups do never seems to be what they normally do and that disappoints the children very much. Zein imagines his parents to be watching a circus show, dancing on the balcony, having delicious pasta and cakes and playing with toys where in reality they would be watching the news, reading on the balcony, having a salad and rearranging the room and toys. The Grownup’s Mystery is a humorous detective story demonstrating that children imagine missing out on their parent’s events at night while in reality grownups do mundane and uneventful activities after children go to sleep.
Illustrator Maya Fidawi
Author Abir Ballan
Publishing Year 2010
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group 3 to 6
Publishing House Kalimat
36.00 AED
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