The Rabbit and the King of Elephants

A herd of elephants arrive at the land of the rabbits and disrupt their lives. They drink from their water reservoir and take over the place. The rabbits are afraid to get out from their burrows and get crushed under their feet. They gather and most rabbits decide to run away except the intelligent Fairuz, she has a great idea to get rid of the elephants forever. One night, she mounts a hill and announces the moon’s anger at the king of elephants for drinking from the reservoir. She calls for him to follow her to the water reservoir and see the moon. The elephant refuses to apologize to the banana-like crescent and laughs at Fairuz’s suggestion. She tells him that the king and his herd have a few days to leave before the moon rises in revenge.The Rabbit and the King of Elephants emphasizes the importance of handling situations in a patient and strategic manner to resolve problems efficiently.
Illustrator Manal Haddadin
Publishing Year 2009
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 9+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-03-759-0-hc
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