The Sea and the Horizon in a Narrow Road

The author, Nujoom Alghanem, is an Emirati poet, artist, scriptwriter, and multi-award-winning film director. Through this poetic book, she invites readers to contemplate her extraordinary artistic tastes. Here is a quote from her poems:

Five chapters in this city

Summer hidden in every season

And an endless summer.


The dove walks cautiously in the backyard

Saddened, contemplating the loneliness around

The water vessel yearns for her approaching


Our conversations turned into stones

Grass sprouts around them

And washed by the autumn rains


I search in the eyes of "Anna Akhmatova",

For what concealed behind her wandering irises   

And I found "Pushkin" and loved him for both.


Clouds wrap the skyscraper,

The sun does not enter the rooms,

And the night does not wake from sleep.

Illustrator Hassan Almohtasib
Publishing Year 2024
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publishing House Rewayat
ISBN 978-9948-78-454-8
60.00 AED
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