The Shortest Haircut

Yasmina has a strand of hair that keeps falling onto her forehead and bothering her. To solve this problem, she gets a pair of scissors and decides to give herself a haircut which ends up being a disaster. She cuts the front, the back, and the sides in order to see better and show her ears. Her mother stops her and takes her to a hairdresser who has no option but to cut her hair even shorter. Yasmina ends up looking a boy. The Shortest Haircut is a humorous story about common and risky behaviors that children may exhibit without their parents’ authority and end up with results backfiring at them in a comical manner.
Publishing Year 2017
Cover Type Boardbook
Age Group 3+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-02-687-7-hc
33.00 AED
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