The Sound of the Sea

The source of joy in Leen’s singing, which is spread throughout her city, is the sea and its waves. But one day, the sea stops bringing her happy stories and its waves become sadder until she loses her beautiful voice. She meets Arwa and tells her her secret – the sea carries with it the tunes from the sounds of children who live on its coast. But it is not the sea which has become sad, it is the children. The two girls decide to find the source of sadness and with little effort and lots of love they bring back joy and hope to the hearts of the children. Happiness returns to the waves of the sea. By working together, we can dream of the day where joy fills the hearts of all the children on earth.
Illustrator Debora Guidi
Publishing Year 2018
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 9+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-23-695-5
45.00 AED
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