Thursday Visitors

Children never forget. They grow up with an oath they take to never repeat their parents’ mistakes towards them. However, in the circled roads of life, they wake up suddenly to find themselves a darker version of their parents. When Mashail married her fourth husband, her mother, the passionate seductive and men-loving woman, marries her fourth as well. Then, when she blames her mother for throwing her to her father when they got a divorce, she was also leaving her children behind at their fathers’ houses. Mashail delves into her mind and digs out her memories to replay the judgments in her imagination. Does she realize the reasons behind this? Do the Thursday council meetings which are filled with passionate teenagers and their wise mothers help her understand life and its circumstance? Does she forgive them when she starts to look very similar to them?
Publishing Year 2017
Cover Type Paperback
Publishing House Rewayat
45.00 AED
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