Up Up and Away

Hani decides to make a planet in his room and succeeds. The problem is that the planet is not happy. Hani tries his best to help him and resorts to books for that. When Hani starts to feed his planet and takes good care of it, it gets better and starts to grow and have moons. Things get complicated when the planet starts to attract things to it. After a while, Hani realizes that the planet needs to be somewhere else, not with him, but high above with the stars, therefore, he takes a very important decision. A story that enriches a child’s imagination and presents information about the planets; also focuses on the importance of taking care of what we have, as well as letting go of what we love when we need to especially when it is for the other’s benefit.
Illustrator Tom McLaughlin
Publishing Year 2018
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-10-310-3
45.00 AED
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