Whats in Mommys Tummy?

Mommy’s tummy is getting bigger and rounder. My little brother and I don’t understand why. We ask mom many questions like, ‘what is in your tummy? What is the baby doing there? How does it eat?’ After explaining to us, we understand that a new baby girl or boy will come into our lives soon. I would love it if the baby were a baby girl I could play and share a room with but my little brother is worried mommy would leave him. What’s in Mommy’s Tummy? discloses some of the questions asked by children during their mother’s pregnancy and portrays a positive side of dealing with the discomfort a child might feel in that phase.
Illustrator Fadi Salame
Publishing Year 2009
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group 3+
Publishing House Kalimat
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