Why Fernando Doesn't Want to Grow Up?

If I were to recommend a book for all times and all places that sums up the blessing of having children with special needs and, in particular, on the autism spectrum, it would unquestionably be “Why Doesn't Fernando Want to Grow Up!”. This book is one of the realistic books that portrayed actual events lived by the writer- the mother of Fernando, who suffers from autism. His mother narrated the story through the voice of her daughter. The narration is exciting and stimulating, showing the challenges that the family faced in the absence of the father and the presence of an autistic child in a tangled environment where it is difficult to accept those who are peculiar.

Illustrator Enrique Torralba
Publishing Year 2023
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group Young Adults
Publishing House Kalimat
Translator Amal Nasser
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