This story, which is mainly directed to young children, highlights the value of fictional paradoxes which the characters of the book do. The core question that the book encourages in every passage and scene, is ‘why?’. Why, for instance, would a shark use dentures despite having one of the strongest jaws and set of teeth amongst all creatures? Why would a turtle carry an umbrella? The ‘why’ goes on and on until we reach the main question about what human life and human appearance have become, such as wearing masks, using oxygen cylinders...etc.
This text draws children's attention to respecting the environment, the creatures that share life with them on the planet and instilling the value of sustainable environmental practices.

Illustrator Zeineb Ben Haouala
Author Amal Naser
Publishing Year 2023
Cover Type Hard Cover
Age Group 3+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-80-712-4
45.00 AED
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