Will the Park Gates be Shut?

The city decides to demolish its last park, a small green space where the children of the neighbourhood play and others exercise or relax. Kareem, the protagonist, goes to the park to play soccer with his friends daily. They all love the park very much and look forwarded to spending time together there. One day, they see a note on the park gate from the mayor prohibiting access to the park and announcing its demolition date. Kareem and his father organize a demonstration with their townspeople to block the bulldozers intending to transform the park into a parking lot. Will the Park Gate be Shut encourages children to express their opinions and speak up against challenging situations without resorting to violence.
Illustrator Hassan Manassrah
Publishing Year 2012
Cover Type Paperback
Age Group 6+
Publishing House Kalimat
ISBN 978-9948-85-773-0-hc
39.00 AED
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